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          • Welcome,
          • New Families
          Dear New GDS Families,
          Greetings from afar! Few things give me greater joy than welcoming new families to our school, and I had been looking forward to greeting each and every one of you in person at our receptions for admitted families. Even though I can’t welcome you in person, I wanted to take a moment to welcome you heartily to the school. While I know you have choices yet to make, it is my fervent wish and hope that you will be choosing GDS.
          By now, I trust you have received a glimpse into why we think GDS is so special. Some parents talk about a secret sauce that seems to explain why our children are so happy and engaged. I think it has to do with the history and mission of a school that has been charting a clear course since its establishment in 1945 as the first racially and religiously inclusive school in the District of Columbia. Our founding teachers and parents believed strongly, as do we, that we all learn more and more deeply when we are learning with and from others who don’t necessarily experience and see the world as we do.
          We know, too, that children can only do their best work when they feel safe, seen, known, and loved. We believe that all children are born curious, eager to learn, to love and to be loved in return. We try our best to keep them that way. While we are proud of our college placement record and our academic and extracurricular accomplishments in a broad range of activities, we are prouder of the ways in which our students care for one another, come to recognize both their opportunities and obligations, and graduate with the will and the ability to carry the values of the school into the world. I look forward to welcoming you to the school in person in the very near future.
          Russell Shaw's signature

          Russell H. Shaw
          Head of School

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          Director of Enrollment Management & Financial Aid

          Amanda Deringer

          High School Associate Director of Admissions

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          Lower/Middle School Associate Director of Admissions

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          Admissions and Marketing Associate

          Elana Perl

          Admissions Engagement Coordinator

          Elaine Scott

          High School Director of Admissions

          Kim Scott

          Lower/Middle School Director of Admissions

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