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          Engagement program at GDS strives to teach empathy, respect, and love for one another through experiential programs that challenge, inspire and dare us to be better friends to ourselves, our peers, and the earth we all share.
          These programs are embedded in students’ school life as service-learning projects, advocacy initiatives, and community service activities, which often have curricular ties.
          Engagement at GDS includes working closely with local community organizations, as well as within our GDS community.

          service has been a bedrock of GDS’s educational mission since the school’s founding. We firmly believe that independent community service helps prepare GDS students for life. Students who interact within and outside of their communities, who have engaged with —and learned about—a variety of individuals, and who have had to think critically about real-world problems, leave GDS prepared for the 21st century with better communication and collaboration skills, an ability to think creatively about the world’s challenges, and tools that empower them to address the systemic inequities that exist in the world.
          Students pose in Puerto Rico
          Hoppers travel to Puerto Rico to support rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Maria.
          Students working together on a craft
          Third graders partner with students at Centronia, a bilingual school in Columbia Heights, to complete an art project.
          Students gardening
          Middle schoolers work in the garden at Capital Area Food Bank.
          Students cooking
          Students walking in desert
          Students travel to the Navajo Nation every summer to learn about Navajo history and culture and work alongside community partners in Arizona and New Mexico.
          Students playing on a field
          While on the Navajo Trip, students engage with Navajo and Pueblo youth.
          Students pose in front of recycling truck
          Lower School students learn about environmental sustainability and recycling.


          Through a focus on community engagement, GDS students will...

          • Gain a deepened understanding of inequities and injustice in the world.
          • Develop relationships with communities beyond our campus.
          • Realize individual and collective agency in meeting the needs of others.
          • Advocate for social justice issues through words, art, and action.
          • Engage in ongoing reflection.

          Signature Programs

          GDS uses a combination of instruction, service, real-world collaboration, and reflection to inspire students to become fully engaged citizens in diverse communities. Students must complete 60 hours of approved service by senior year.

          For four weeks during June and July, students learn about pressing social justice issues, such as veteran homelessness and affordable housing. Learn More »

          6th Grade Green Corps
          The 6th grade focuses on issues of environmental justice at GDS. Students create a school garden and use their harvests to augment food options for those with limited access in the community.
          7th Grade Conservation Corps
          The 7th grade focuses on cleaning up the environment here in DC. They also investigate recycling and composting programs and suggest ways we can become more responsible citizens at GDS.
          8th Grade Advocacy Corps

          In 8th grade, students grapple with pertinent contemporary issues of equity and access through a framework that builds empathy, then dives into policy, and finally allows students to take action.


          Third graders visit their buddies from CentroNía (a bilingual preschool) multiple times throughout the year before hosting a final celebration at GDS, building relationships and learning about each others’ languages and cultures.


          Fifth graders engage in programming designed to help students craft and lead their own social venture.


          What makes community engagement different at GDS?

          Georgetown Day School's pre-K–12
          Engagement Program provides a continuum designed to move students from an understanding of the meaning of service and altruism to an increasingly sophisticated understanding of significant social and environmental issues. In building this foundation of engagement and awareness, students come into contact with a variety of communities and cultures that may differ from their own and gain a better sense of where they themselves fit in the larger community.

          How is community engagement different from community service and service-learning?

          Community engagement is an intentionally expansive term to describe all the ways in which GDS participates and connects to the world beyond our school. "
          service" and "service learning" do not accurately capture all the work our students are doing nor does it reflect why GDS has placed such an emphasis on these experiences.

          Is community service required?

          To graduate from GDS, there is an expectation that community engagement is an integral part of the high school experience. Students must make an ongoing commitment to an organization, completing a minimum of 60 hours of direct service.

          How do we identify opportunities for partnership?

          We seek to develop sustained, reciprocal partnerships with organizations that address demonstrated community needs. Frequently, we expand our partnerships in response to student or staff interests and pursuits. We aim to work with a variety of organizations that address different needs such as food insecurity, homelessness, increasing access to education, and environmental sustainability.

          Our Stories

          Students in an office on Capitol Hill

          Anoushka Chander ’21 and the GDS Student Action Committee move our country forward.

          Good Neighbors

          Middle School community engagement launches with 7th grade Conservation Corps

          Reframing Service

          Kicking off a new model for curriculum-linked community engagement in the Middle School.

          Valuing Veterans

          Second graders welcomed U.S. Marine Corps veteran Mike Kimlick this Veterans Day.

          Meet the Team

          Jeremy Haft

          Director of
          Engagement and Experiential Learning

          Leigh Tait

          Program Associate,
          Engagement and Experiential Learning

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