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          WWII 历史, a Pandemic, and Cowpunk

          Daniel Stock

          When your teacher used to be in a cowpunk* band with your WWII 历史 class presenter, who is connecting virtually from Stockholm, Sweden during a global pandemic, AND your teacher picks up a guitar to play a snippet of an original song from their cowpunk* days during class, you know GDS is the place to be!

          Last week, Topher Dunne's section of WWII 历史 at the High School enjoyed a visit from Indy Neidell. In addition to being a former classmate and bandmate of Topher, Indy is the creator, writer, and presenter of both The Great War, a minute-by-minute YouTube documentary series on WWI, and also of the currently airing WWII in Real Time, a week-by-week installment series on WWII. He answered questions on a host of topics from historical research methods to YouTube episode scripting and sponsorship. Topher also played him a snippet of one of his own songs from their time together playing cowpunk.

          *a blend of punk rock with folk, country, or blues influences


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