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          It's Academic and Quizbowl Go Virtual!

          Daniel Stock

          While all the in-person Quizbowl tournaments have been cancelled for the remainder of the year, the GDS Quizbowl Team has been actively taking part in online tournaments! The It’s Academic! Team also participated in the first-ever virtual semifinals for the DC Region. While we did not win, it was a valiant effort for team members and coaches as they adapted to the new format. Remember when we shared how historic it was to be taping in a new location last fall? Little did we know...that was nothing next to this location change! Well done, Mighty Hoppers!

          To review, the Quizbowl team participated in the Wayzata Academic Invitational Tournament (WAIT) Online, placing 4th out of 24 teams; they placed 5th out of 24 teams in the BLAST Online competition; they participated in the Regular Academic Fall Tournament (RAFT) Online, placing 9th out of 24 teams; and they won the Lots of Good, Interesting Content (LOGIC) Tournament Online out of 8 teams; they won the Spring Undergraduate Novice (SUN) Online out of 18 teams. Just last Sunday, GDS Quizbowl won the QuizDroid Open. There were a total of 18 teams competing. Co-coach Abe Pachikara said, “We lost It’s Ac last Saturday, so this was a nice Sunday win to pick up our spirits.” Well done, team!


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