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          In Fencing, Hopper Green Learns from Olympic Gold


          On Thursday afternoon, a dozen masked individuals crossed sabers in clashes that ranged throughout a former warehouse beneath City Bikes in Tenleytown across from Georgetown Day School. One witness observed several onlookers hollering at those wielding sabers but noted that the shouts only seemed to spur greater intensity in the fights. All individuals dispersed by 3:15 p.m. No injuries were reported.

          No need to panic. On Thursday, GDS 中学 fencing players in the P.E. program practiced fitness, footwork, and saber sparring basics under the watchful eyes of coaches Jacob Hazle-Cary, Jeffrey “JT” Trembly, and Cole Leonard, a 君ior at GDS. 

          在2018年,GDS父母维塔利nazlymov和王峥(塔蒂亚娜nazlymov '23)成立nazlymov击剑。维塔利是前NCAA个人冠军和三次一线队佩剑所有美国人。塔蒂亚娜的祖父弗拉基米尔,是三届奥运金牌得主,十次世界冠军,而国家队的前苏联加盟共和国和美国的前队长。作为教练,维塔利以前开发的在堪萨斯城的奥林匹克发展计划和弗拉基米尔率领俄亥俄州击剑队的近20年的厂房大学。黄金的传统似乎继续对那些在GDS的绿色。


          Cole was the Region IV* Gold Medalist in Sabre in Y10 (2013-14) and Y14 (2017-18). He has been named to the USA Fencing 中学 All American Team (Second Team) and to the All-Academic Team** (Honorable Mention) for the last two years running.

          “Fencing is frequently referred to as ‘physical chess’ so there is a lot of strategy involved in order to win a bout,” Cole explained. “I want to assist students with mastering the fundamentals of fencing. Once that basic understanding is accomplished, I want to expose the students of GDS to the marvelous opportunity to fence that lies across the street from the campus next year.”

          Alexa ’25, a participant in the 中学 fencing program, said, “It’s cool to see someone at our 中学 is so good. It shows that if you come here and really try, you can be a great fencer. Cole is a good coach and seems to be really knowledgeable. The hardest thing is footwork and he’s helped us understand about the importance of speed and timing.”

          “He helps out with everyone and sometimes with the activities,” said Tomás ’25. “Sometimes I forget to do my grip right. When I was fencing with Cole, he saw that my grip [on the sabre] was wrong and he showed me how to hold it properly with my arm to the side. He also helped me with my stance. Now that I know how to lunge right, I can do it longer and faster.”

          科尔也发展成为一个教练。 “虽然学生对我的反应却非常不同,比起他们我的同胞教练的反应,我觉得我是一个有效的教练,”科尔说。 “因为我年轻的时候,我能够因为孩子们往往当一个同学指导他们更适应作为一个很好的规律。我能够与他们很好连接,因为我在他们的鞋子是最近,我能够采取一个哥哥样的角色。”


          “击剑已经影响了我的生活在许多不同的方式,”科尔说。 “因为年龄的九,我已经能够结交新朋友,无论远近,和旅游在全国各地。此外,我已经学会了生活的经验教训,我可以用我的随身携带。在击剑运动的成功是90%的精神,只有10%的物理。通过击剑,我已经学会了信任的声音在我的头上,因为我一直在,因为它的成功。击剑告诉我,真正的信心是关键。”

          As a coach and as an athlete, Cole notes feeling that he is representing himself, his coaches, his school, and his family. “By aligning my efforts with something greater than my own achievements, I believe that I can infuse my efforts with further purpose and passion,” he said.

          今年以来,只有三个GDS高中生围栏:阿米尔室'21,塔蒂亚娜和油菜。塔蒂亚娜在十一月在密尔沃基举行的北美杯将在第13届夏季国民和获得第三名开始了赛季学员(Y16)。在全美前20名击剑运动员也可以代表美国在欧洲学员世界杯巡回赛。塔蒂亚娜放置在第48届世界匈牙利十月,第65届德国十一月,并在第17届世界在上届世界杯​​在奥地利在12月。阿米尔,谁具有类似的一批青年学生从华盛顿国际学校的工作,也是一个高度排名和评级击剑运动员。所有这三个学生运动员 - 科尔,塔蒂亚娜和阿米尔 - 有资格和下月少年奥林匹克冠军争夺将在美国俄亥俄州哥伦布市。目前,塔蒂亚娜是排名第19,在美国进入那竞争。GDS统一的校园,即将在秋季到2020年,不仅把所有的学生一起在一个位置,但它也围绕华盛顿中心统一大击剑人才特区枢纽。


          GDS fencing’s origins are gold. Within a few short years—with the talent Nazlymov is attracting and the leadership of 中学 students like Cole, Tatiana, and Amir—it could be gold again.

          *Region VI includes Delaware, Maryland, 华盛顿, DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, and Mississippi.

          **The All-Academic distinction is awarded to student-athletes who have performed well academically while regularly competing for their institution.

          Staff writer Danny Stock tells the stories of teaching, learning, competing, creating, and performing at Georgetown Day School. He is a former GDS second grade teacher and current parent.


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